Everything Szent does is informed by a passion for the outdoors and a love for the natural environment that lies at the heart of our sport. From products to events, from news to reviews. Szent aims to bring climbers and outdoor enthusiasts together to share this passion. We know that every climb can be an adventure, every mountain its own epic story, we hope by providing innovative products and equipment we can enhance this experience for climbers and mountaineers worldwide.

SZENT as a company was founded in 2014 after two, then to be friends, met climbing at the aptly named Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. After more travelling, adventures and catch ups around the world, Andrew and Auben set down roots in their respective countries and began working on building the business in ernest. 

As avid rock climbers, they had found that most chalks on the market were either too coarse, not giving the coverage we wanted or was too harsh on the hands, drying them out leading to cracking. On one particular trip to the USA they came across a small locally made brand of chalk from Arizona, where it had been designed specifically to counteract the harsh conditions of desert climbing. This product was XCHALK, and seeing the opportunity the foundations of Szent were laid.