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highest quality chalk for climbers, boulderers and fitness enthusiasts.


At Szent, our passion for the outdoors and love for the natural environment are what inspire us to create innovative products that enhance the climbing experience. From products to events, from news to reviews, our goal is to bring climbers and outdoor enthusiasts together to share this passion and create unforgettable adventures.

Our journey began in 2014, when Andrew and Auben set out to create a business that would embody their love for climbing and the outdoors. As avid climbers, they knew firsthand the difficulties of using chalk that was either too coarse or too harsh on the hands, leading to cracking and discomfort. Seeing an opportunity to bring this high-quality product to the climbing community, they laid the foundation for Szent and began working to develop their own line of chalk products.

Today, Szent Chalk stands out as a premium product that provides the highest quality chalk products for climbers, boulderers, and fitness enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality, sustainability and the natural environment sets us apart from the competition, and our mission to bring climbers together continues to drive our passion for innovation.

Join us on our journey to enhance the climbing experience and create unforgettable adventures.

100% Natural Ingredients

We use only the highest quality natural ingredients , with no fillers or additives.


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